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Caselogos double sided domes are unique

Caselogos double sided domes are used by many types of companies. Manufacturers use them for retail POP display hang tags, where they make an eye-catching display. Because they are so unusual, they are irresistible to the touch. Your potential customer will stop to look and feel the domed tag and by doing so will take a closer look at your product or message.

Double sided caselogos are perfect for trade show traffic building. Include them in a direct mail piece to potential attendees - with a photo and info about a product you are promoting. Ask that they be shown at your booth to redeem for another gift or to be entered into a drawing.

Double-sided domes make colorful and unusual ornaments. They are perfect gifts for alumni or for a holiday "thank you" for your customers. Colorful and jewel like, they can be cut into almost any custom shape (like a logo or mascot) and a matching ribbon can be added for an additional fee. They also make an easy yearly fundraiser - using a different city or university landmark or antique car, train or boat model each year, making a nice collectible set.

Why use cardboard coasters when you are trying to promote your beverage in an upscale bar? And unlike paperboard, our coasters are durable, stain and chemical resistant and washable. Caselogos double sided domed coasters are beautiful. And people will talk about your product - and noticing your good taste - they'll be more likely to want to find out if your product tastes good too!

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Double sided caselogos domed tags, ornaments, coasters, tokens

caselogos double sided caselogos hang tags, coasters, ornaments, tokens

Double sided domes are unique, elegant and
tough enough to withstand everyday use.

#260 Double Sided Domed Tags

How to Measure and Price your Caselogos Double Sided Dome Tags
how to measure your caselogos product

Enter Height and Width into calculator on right

Imprinting Information

Background Colors: white or clear

Imprint Colors: full unlimited color

Custom Imprint Colors:
Close match FREE

Additional Imprint Colors:
Some designs may require a Hybrid spot color, which may need to be added to your tag for best results. We will advise if this is necessary upon submission of your design to us. See calculator for cost.

Second Side Imprint Colors:
Up to one color second side imprint is available. See calculator for cost.

Set Up Charge:

$25.00(g) for orders under 250 pieces.
250 pieces and up:
FREE SET UP for full color design. A set up is required for all quantities for second side imprint and hybrid color imprint. See calculator for cost.

Custom Shapes are Free
- but not all shapes are suitable for doming. Please submit an outline for approval and free layout recommendations.

Allow 7-10 working days production.

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